Orthopedic Surgery Home Rehab Program

Program Overview

The Orthopedic Surgery Home Rehab Program ensures patients undergoing surgical procedures such as hip joint, knee joint replacement, or shoulder surgery have everything they need in place for their complete rehabilitation at home.  With a pre-op assessment, and at-home Physical Therapy following your surgery, we're with you every step of the way. 

Program Features  

  • A Care Resource Physical Therapist will meet the patient at their home before the scheduled surgery to evaluate their home environment and to prepare patient and family for anticipated needs after surgery. 
  • The patient and family will be introduced to Care Resource and the clinical team that will be involved in their care at home.   
  • In addition to screening the patient’s functional status, our Physical Therapist will answer any questions involving their post-op home therapy to ease any anxiety or fears. 
  • The therapist will make recommendations for medical supplies or equipment to assist with their therapy, home safety, and ambulation, as well as recommend any Skilled Nursing or Occupational Therapy that the patient may need.  
  • Our therapist will follow up with the patient within 24 hours following surgery and assist with any discharge planning as needed 
  • Upon patient’s return home following surgery, the patient's Home Rehabilitation will begin.  A Care Resource clinician will do an admission to our service, and begin therapy as ordered by the physician.  

What to Expect from Care Resource's Orthopedic Surgery Home Rehab Program

Once you and your physician have decided joint replacement surgery is right for you, and you have scheduled your surgery, it's time to start thinking about care following your operation and your discharge home.  Your physician will refer you to Post-Operative Rehabilitation to help you get back on your feet sooner after Hip Replacement Surgery or Knee Joint Replacement Surgery, or to help you recover faster following Shoulder Surgery.  

Care Resource has a Clinical Team including Physical Therapists, Nurses, and Occupational Therapists, as well as an Infusion Pharmacy and IV Nurses on staff, should you require infusion therapy following your surgery.  

Pre-Op:  You will meet with a Care Resource Physical Therapist who will preform a Pre-Op Evaluation in your home, assess your potential needs following surgery, educate you about the Home Rehab Program, and answer any questions you may have.  

Post-Op:  After your surgery, you will be met in the hospital by a Care Resource Clinical Liaison to ensure a timely discharge home.  Once at home, you will begin your post-operative rehabilitation with scheduled visits from a Care Resource Physical Therapist (and Occupational Therapist as needed).  Through a patient-specific rehab and exercise program designed by your therapist, you will gain functional mobility safely at home.  

How To Refer a Patient to Resource for Orthopedic Surgery Home Rehab 

Your physician will refer you to Care Resource's Post-Op Program because they feel you will benefit from home rehabilitation and it will improve your surgical outcomes.  

You may also request Care Resource for Home Rehab to the hospital case managers or discharge planners so we may begin coordinating your home care as soon as possible.  

To make a referral, or if you would like more information on our Orthopedic Home Rehab Program, and how we may provide you with in-home physical therapy and nursing following your joint replacement surgery, call us today at 877-431-0000. 


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Abstract Ortho Rehab OutcomesClick here for an abstract showing the results of our outcomes study, which shows efficiency and success of our orthopedic rehabilitation program.