Orthopedic Rehab Patient Outcomes & Testimonials

At Care Resource, our success is measured by patient satisfaction, and successful outcomes from your rehab following surgery.  Please see statistics and testimonials below.  

Patient Satisfaction

95% of patients rated their overall progress with home rehab provided by Care Resource Excellent or Very Good. 

93.5% were Extremely Satisfied or Very Satisfied with how their pain was appropriately managed and addressed.  

94.8% of patients were Extremely Satisfied or Very Satisfied overall with home therapy from Care Resource.  

What our Patients are Saying

"I was very pleased with how they worked with me, getting me back to myself like I was before surgery.  [I] would share with others that needed rehab after surgery how great the PT girls are."  -JP, patient of Home Rehab Program

"After having a partial knee replacement I was seen by my Care resource physical therapist. Each and every visit he was encouraging and supportive of my care. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. I went from barely able to lift my leg to doing everything independently in less than 4 weeks." - Therese Beriner

"Karen is a very professional person, and she shows much concern for my well-being... very satisfied with Karen, and Armand is very professional."   -LB, patient of Home Rehab Program

"I was impressed by my PT, David, with his expertise, knowledge, and patience with me during my rehab.  I also benefited greatly in the time I spent with OTs Tara and Charlene."  -FS, Home Rehab Patient 

"I have had a great experience with Care Resources. Reneé (my PT0 has made it an easy and pleasant experience. I was able to progress quicker on this knee replacement then on the one I had 4 years ago. I did very well with the stairs and with walking and progressing from walker to crutches to cane. It has been like a visit from a friend more than a PT session, which made it so much easier to progress. Thank you!" - Marie McCurry

"Everyone who came into my home was very pleasant and professional.  Dave was excellent and I feel I achieved my goals."  -JR, Home Rehab Patient 

"My home therapist's name is Angela and I enjoyed every step she took with me.  At first when my knee could not bend at all- she gave it the rest it needed and worked on other parts of the leg.  It has been three weeks now and I am already using that leg without any or very little discomfort.  The exercises that she showed me are helping me on the days that I do not have her.  This is an EXCELLENT PROGRAM!!!"  -JF, Rehab following knee replacement surgery

"My therapist (David Joynt, PTA) was awesome! He really pushed me to accomplish all of my goals. I have accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time and I am grateful for having the physical therapist I got! -Kelli Wall

"My therapist was Karen, she is an asset to physical therapy team, pleasant, caring, very knowledgeable of her job.  I made very good progress with her excellent care.  My wife will have Care Resource after her surgery."  -KB, Home Rehab patient

"The ability of the therapist to assess my progress was very helpful.... providing me with a positive outlook for my recovery.  The people are well trained and most efficient at their approach.  Thank you for your help."  -JB, Home Rehab Program patient 

Readmission Rate

Readmission Rate: 2.6% 

During post-op services with Care Resource, only 2.6% of patients were readmitted, for reasons unrelated to their surgery.  This includes patients being provided with home rehabilitation following knee joint replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery.  

Rehab Outcomes: Hip Replacement Patients

After Hip Replacement Surgery, patients start rehab with Care Resource within 24 hours of being discharged home.  A Physical Therapist or Nurse does an admission in the home, and will begin your treatment regime with you.  On average, hip joint replacement patients received Care Resource physical therapy (and occupational therapy and skilled nursing as needed) for 29 days, with an average or 16 visits by their PT.  

Upon discharge from the Home Rehab Program by Care Resource, 94.1% of patients were walking community distances without restriction.  24% of Hip Replacement Patients who completed therapy were waling without an assistive device at the time of discharge*.

Rehab Outcomes: Knee Replacement Patients 

Patients admitted to Care Resource's Home Rehab Program for therapy following a knee joint replacement surgery were on service for an average of 36.5 days.  Patients had an average of 18 visits by their Physical Therapist during the course of their home rehab.  

Knee replacement patients who completed therapy experienced an average of 32.7 degrees improvement in knee flexion from admission to discharge, and an average of 9 degrees extension*.  

(*Average outcome data, patient satisfaction, and readmission data reported represents patients who completed therapy and services from Care Resource during 2015.)