Pulmonary Rehab

The goal of Care Resource’ pulmonary rehab program is to help patients with COPD understand their disease and learn how to safely manage their condition at home, through a program of exercise, education and support. With the support of a Pulmonary Rehab CARE Team, families and caregivers, we can help patients function at the highest level possible to improve quality of life and help prevent trips to the hospital.

Because COPD is a progressive disease that affects the lungs and makes breathing increasingly more difficult over time, we teach patients ways to conserve energy, manage medications and make every day the best it can be.

We can help patients:

Understand COPD
Learn how to safely manage COPD
Conserve energy in daily life
Control shortness of breath
Know which medications to take and when
Implement tips for living well with COPD
Manage stress
Live with COPD in the fullest way possible


A Pulmonary Rehab CARE Team is comprised of individuals involved in an individual patient’s care. CARE Teams help patients manage symptoms and live safely in the comfort of home.

Each CARE Tem is made up of the following:

Primary Care Physician
Residentialist Nurse Practitioner
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist
Respiratory Therapist
Social Worker
CNA/Home health aide

Living with COPD

There are a number of exercise and daily living aids to help patients conserve energy and monitor their condition. Pulmonary Rehab therapists will recommend the best products for each patient’s particular situation. Once in the program, exercise equipment will be provided for patient use. Physical and occupational therapists design exercise program tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. At the end of the rehab program, these items can be purchased through Care Resource for continued use.

There are several other devices we can recommend to help conserve energy so patients are less likely to become short of breath or feel over-worked during daily activities. These include a shower chair and devices to help reach for dropped items or to help put socks on, thus eliminating the need to reach, bend or twist.

Patients enrolled in the Pulmonary Rehab program receive a Patient Handbook that is used as a guide throughout the course of treatment for the patient, their caregivers and the clinical team. The measurable goals of the program are to decrease perceived rate of exertion with daily living activities and improve distance walked. If you would like more information about COPD, please click here

Pulmonary Rehab patients are eligible for 60 days of FREE Lifeline Medical Alert, with Automatic Fall Detection and 24/7 monitoring.