Announcement:  Infusion Resource is now an Amerita company.  Amerita is a national pharmacy provider of specialty home infusion services committed to excellence in patient care for the communities we serve.  Our vision is to combine the administrative efficiencies of a large organization with the flexibility, responsiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of a local provider. By investing in some of the best local providers such as Infusion Resource, we are able to expand our product offerings and share our success through our extended geographical reach.  According to company President, Richard Iriye, “This acquisition is important to Amerita as it gives us entry into a major healthcare market and broadens our ability to service a much greater number of payers and patients due to the population density...I am very confident that the people at Infusion Resource will contribute significantly to strengthening our position as a high quality national provider of Specialty Home Infusion services.” 

Infusion Therapy

Infusion Resource, a program of Care Resource, is southern New England's leading provider of outpatient infusion therapy services. Founded by experienced healthcare professionals focused on innovation, quality and collaboration, Infusion Resource offers a state-of-the-art facility and employs the most skilled clinicians, including infusion pharmacists, dietitians and IV nurses, to improve clinical outcomes for patients and reduce healthcare costs.

Under the direction of their medical directors, Infusion Resource has successfully developed an outpatient "PICC Placement and First Dose" program for patients needing IV antibiotics, TPN and other infusion therapies. The company is unique in that it employs a team of experienced PICC nurses and has placed lines in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physician offices, health centers, infusion suites, and patient homes. Infusion Resource provides service to patients in the most clinically appropriate, cost-effective setting.

Ambulatory Infusion Suite

Care Resource has created a state of the art Ambulatory Infusion Suite (Organized Ambulatory Care Facility, OACF) that allows us to service and administer Infusion therapies to patients in a comfortable clinical environment.  Conveniently located outside of downtown Providence and just minutes off of the highway, our facility offers a sterile suite to receive your care.  In addition to having an expert on-site clinical team devoted to the safest and most effective methods of Infusion Therapy, we have the following amenities available for all of our patients at our Infusion center:

  • On site street and parking lot parking for easy and accessible access.
  • A large flat screen TV
  • Comfortable reclining chairs
  • Free Wi/Fi Access
  • Snacks and beverages

 Outpatient Infusion Center






Additionally, Care Resource uses state of the art ultrasound-guided technology for improved accuracy in PICC line placement.  This ultrasound technology is a precise alternative to the traditional chest x-ray.  



Specialty Infusion Therapies

Infusion Resource specializes in providing home and alternative site infusion therapy. For a full list,  Read more

Insurance Plans

Infusion Resource is a participating provider with many insurance companies and managed care organizations, including Read more

Service Area

Infusion Resource provides intravenous medications and nursing support for patients throughout southern New England, including Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Read more 

Ambulatory Infusion Suite

Infusion Resource has developed a licensed, accredited ambulatory infusion suite in its East Providence, RI location, and manages infusion suites throughout southern New England. Read more

Skilled Nursing Facility

Local owners, with national experience, state-of-the-art pharmacy & clean rooms, comprehensive pharmaceutical expertise, Read more

PICC Line Program

Infusion Resource employs a specifically trained team of Vascular Access Device experts. Our PICC program includes PICC and midline insertion for patients in...Read more


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Infusion Resource is a program of Care Resource.

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