Patient Success with the Big and Loud programs

Published 09/12/2018

We always love to see patients excited and happy with the progress they make from the help of our caring and skilled clinicians, and we are thrilled to get to share an example of that progress.  Our patient Virginia is living with Parkinson’s disease and has been enrolled in our LSVT program.  One of our Occupational Therapists, Cora Freelove, took some time to share how the program has helped Virginia, and how she helps patients use the skills they learn in the program to improve their overall quality of life. We want to thank Virginia for allowing us to share her progress, and these videos.

“When I first met Virginia, she walked with a tight-rope/narrow gait and she now walks with a natural arm swing and normal stepping pattern. Virginia uses LSVT methods (hand flicks) before writing which improves legibility of her signature. She also uses the hand flicks before eating and carries coffee from the kitchen to dining room showing decreased spillage. Following the LSVT BIG program, Virginia's walking assessment improved in speed by almost 10 seconds and she demonstrated improved balance and coordination with no loss of balance. I like to educate all my patients, that the LSVT program cannot cure Parkinson's or make the symptoms fully go away. Instead, we educate you on how to deal with your symptoms like tremors, small writing, instability when walking, and shuffling gait, in order to have a better life with Parkinson's disease. “– Cora Freelove OTR